Prastiwahyu Product

Do you generate, transmit
distribute or even use electricity?


Do you believe in the promise
of renewables?

Then come say hello to The PowerBox™

Reduce operational costs by up to 50% increase your efficiency and enhance performance lower your carbon footprint and boost your sustainability index Because The PowerBox has harnessed the clean, endless, abundant, essential force of gravity.

The PowerBox is a scalable power inverter/transformer replacement in a one-cubic meter, tested, verified, CE-complied, US-patented machine.

Governments, utility companies, renewable power engineers, investors and global partners are rallying around this technology.

Whether you spend thousands

or millions per year on electricity

would you like to save 30 – 50% ?

When it comes to making solar and wind reliable and efficient, there are some undeniable obstacles:

And of course, you can’t collect solar energy when the sun doesn’t shine or wind energy when the wind doesn’t blow.
Which means you can’t provide 24/7 peak energy from solar or wind without very expensive battery arrays, or by remaining dependent on the grid.

Plus, the global market prices per MW are dropping fast and fluctuate wildly from week to week.

The PowerBox benefits to solar and wind utilities

  • The PowerBox recovers the inevitable losses in solar and wind power generation transmission and distribution

  • The PowerBox makes solar and wind utilities able to provide their customers with peak power 24/7, without the crippling expense of battery arrays or grid dependence

  • Solar and wind power can be provided at far less cost, while increasing sustainable profits

  • Solar and wind energy will grow globally without resistance, doubt or barriers of disbelief.