Prastiwahyu Product

Free Standing type test panel Fixed and Withdrawable type, design by Prastiwahyu Tunas Engineering.

Prastiwahyu Type Test Panel


IEC 61439-2, IEC 60947-1
Icw : Up to 100 kA
Ie : 400~6300 A
Forms 1, 2A, 2B, 3A, 3B, 4A and 4B

IP 30/31
IP 41
IP 54

Prastiwahyu Type Test panel Modular Distribution Panel Star-E is one of the flagship products of PT Prastiwahyu Tunas Engineering.

This product is designed to distribute power from the main power source to various electrical equipment in a building.


Type Test Panel Star-E is designed using modular technology, which allows users to select and install the necessary components flexibly. The panel is also equipped with sophisticated safety systems to ensure the safety and performance of the panel.



The product is designed with a modular system, allowing users to easily and flexibly adjust and install the required components.


The product is equipped with various safety systems, such as leakage current protection, short circuit protection, and
overcurrent protection, which ensures the safety of the panel and the electrical equipment inside.

Energy Efficiency

The product is equipped with an energy control system that optimizes electricity usage, making it more energy-efficient.