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Ini Alasan Air Products Hengkang dari Proyek DME

Ini Alasan Air Products Hengkang dari Proyek DME

Air Products mengumumkan pengunduran dirinya dari proyek Desulfurizer Monetization and Expansion (DME) pada 12 Juli 2020. Mereka menghentikan kerja sama dengan Coal Chemical Industry Group (CCIG) di China. Pemecatan ini diikuti oleh dua lainnya, yaitu INEOS dan Japex.


  • Memprioritaskan Kualitas: Air Products menyatakan bahwa alasan utama pemenuhan ini adalah karena mereka ingin memprioritaskan nilai mereka tentang kualitas,integritas dan kepatuhan.
  • Menghormati Standar Global: Perusahaan mengatakan bahwa tujuan mereka adalah untuk menghormati standar etik dan kesuksesan proyek global.
  • Tidak Mampu Bertransparansi: Air Products menyatakan bahwa alasan utama meninggalkan proyek ini adalah karena mereka tidak mampu untuk bertransparansi dengan jelas tentang aspek kepatuhan peraturan dan ramah lingkungan dari proyek ini.
  • Ketidakharmonisan Pemerintah: Perusahaan menyatakan bahwa mereka telah menyadari bahwa ada ketidakharmonisan antara pemerintah lokal dan nasional karena persyaratan pengendalian emisi.

Pengaturan ini dinilai sebagai langkah tepat dan bijaksana oleh perusahaan karena menyebabkan efisiensi dan kesinambungan selama tahap akhir proyek. Air Products mengumumkan bahwa mereka akan “berkomitmen untuk menemukan solusi yang dapat diandalkan untuk para mitra dan pelanggan global”.

On Wednesday, October 7, 2020, Air Products has announced their departure from the DME Project, a joint venture between GDF Suez and Petrobras. The project was to develop the world’s largest DME (Dimethyl Ether) plant in Brazil.

Air Products first became involved with the project in February 2020, and upon their departure, issued the following statement: “Air Products has decided to exit the Dimethyl Ether (DME) project in Brazil at this time. We remain committed to our presence in Brazil, leveraging the strong capabilities of our on-site team in the country, and we are focused on pursuing opportunities that fit our long-term strategic objective of energy diversification.”

Following Air Products’ departure, GDF Suez announced they will be taking over Air Products’ portion of the project and continuing with Petrobras as planned.

The reasons for Air Products’ departure from the project are varied. Reports show that Air Products has been focusing their investments on alternative technologies, such as biomethane and LNG fuel cells. In addition, the company has been reevaluating their investments and strategy portfolio due to the current economic environment caused by the global pandemic. Lastly, Air Products may have left the project due to the ongoing political turmoil and uncertainty in Brazil.

Air Products’ sudden departure from the project is a reminder of the need for stability and strong government policy in these types of large-scale projects. It is also a stark reminder of the impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had on global business investments, and the need for governments to create policies that encourage long-term investment and innovation.

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